July 04, 2022


On this glorious first day of June the sky was approaching the color of Sevres blue. I was invited for a private tour of the porcelain manufacturer
situated on the outskirts of Paris.
Sevres was founded in the mid 18th century and has produced ceramics of the highest quality for the past three centuries.
The beautiful buildings we are about to enter are filled with workshops of dedicated artisans. Off we go…!




First stop: visiting the workspace where Mr Brunet explained how the paste is processed. Kaolin is a stone found to the south of Limoges (where Mr Perrin is from!)
This stone is mixed with quartz and feldspar that is crushed and becomes a fine powder before being mixed with water and turned into hard paste.

The clay is then shaped into vases and urns or bowls with the precision of a surgeon!
There are over 120 ceramists on site and they train for up to 3 years before becoming efficient at their craft.
I loved this desk filled with samples and drawings, such organized chaos!

The blue of Sèvres is a characteristic colour of the manufactory. It is made from a cobalt oxide which is incorporated into the glaze. accentuated by fine gilding in curls, scrolls, and trellis patterns. Seeing these women paint the objects was my favorite part of the tour, steady hands at work.

In yet another building we viewed contemporary pieces made by well known French artists. These decorative arts on display were both beautiful and functional.
We were then served coffee in Sevres blue porcelain espresso cups with gold rims-I swear the coffee tastes better served this way
Enjoy the china, dont keep it in a glass cupboard.
Up the vast steps we went to access the museum. Incredible chefs d’oeuvres dating back hundreds
of years were displayed atop columns in a light filled room-an exquisite collection. The handprinted sceneries, flowers, and garlands are just beyond magical and proof of what the human hands are capable of mastering.  The French government continues to purchase unique pieces from private homes and auctions adding to the ever growing collection in the quest of heritage preservation.


Sevres has done a beautiful job of bridging tradition and modernity.
I myself placed an objet d’art in front of the Lalanne table held up by two ceramic geese-I couldnt resist the opportunity!
Hands down this was a fascinating morning. If you are interested in a group tour on your next trip to Paris let me know and I will happily arrange. 

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