May 31, 2022

I first visited Paris in my early 20’s. I returned within a decade, married to Frenchman I met in my hometown USA.
We created a family and rebuilt a business.
This is my (G)love Story.
-Sally Perrin




The Rigaudy Perrin glove making and tannery business dates back to 1893 where it originated along the Vienne river in the small French town of St. Junien. In traditional fashion, Michel's older brother took the reins from their father Raymond while Michel set off for the US to work in hi-tech. We met the old fashioned way, in a bar. Married, with our first born, we found ourselves off to Istanbul for a corporate expat adventure. We lived in an elegant wooden yali along the Bosphorus that was built in the 19th century and I fell hard for this mysterious and vibrant city. This is where I first began collecting textiles and antiques-many of which I still have in our Paris apartment today. When it came time to depart Constantine, I told Michel if I marry a Frenchman, I get to live in Paris. We settled on the Left Bank, and I’ve been a Rive Gauche gal ever since.
Many moons later with 2 daughters fully grown, Michel was ready to return to the family business (rather try to salvage it.) The tanneries in France were slowly closing up, they began looking to Asia for options. In hindsight, I’d title this ten year chapter in our lives as ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’. Starting a business and building a brand is not for the faint of heart. An atelier was constructed, a showroom opened, and a line of accessories launched-all within a 5 year period. We opened our first shop in Beverly Hills in 2009. Building from ground up, we learned the retail ropes, how to manage production, staff. Next up was Madison Avenue near the Carlyle Hotel, followed by Hong Kong, Tokyo Ginza 6-always on the Boardwalk locations of luxury retail. Our unique products were resonating internationally. Then came the retail Armageddon, civil unrest in Hong Kong, the pandemic. I’ll spare you the details of folly and frustration, as my focus in now on the future. My favorite of our shops has always been the Paris flagship near the Jardin des Tuileries, and this is where it all comes full circle. Monsieur is ageing gracefully like a fine bottle of Bordeaux, a bit resigned, whereas I am feeling a surge of creativity, all the wiser for the wear. I’m no spring poulet, but I’m still standing! I walk into this beautiful shop, our crown jewel, with a spring in my step and marvel at what we've built, and where I now want to take the brand.
I am incredibly proud of this collection of conceptual, conversation-piece accessories that we’ve created at PERRIN PARIS.


I had little design experience-just a strong aesthetic sensibility and an eye for the unique.

Fortunately, I’m a good student. I fully immersed myself in understanding the craft of maroquinerie (although I still have to spell check this word!)

Details are my driving force so it all came together through hard work - and learning from mistakes. The market was saturated with handbags, and I knew we needed a different angle. The glove making history of the Perrin family needed to be present as this is what set us apart, gave us authenticity. The first thing I did was create a series of clutches that could be worn on the hand instead of held in the hand. This model would soon become known as the iconic Glove Clutch that put PERRIN on the map.

Above are a few examples.



Back at the Paris boutique post-covid. We had to let go of a lot of our staff

 so I’m currently wearing a lot of gloves! I find it quite liberating, a fresh start.

My plan is for PERRIN to become a unique destination in the City of Light. I’ve got some interesting plans in mind-follow my journey!


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